Meet Cora

Meet Cora our fun little ball of energy! Cora loves her playtime and she never runs out of LOVE. Cora has beautiful black pigmentation and a light crème coat, she weighs about 70lbs and is very short and stocky.

Meet Smooches

Meet Smooches our kindhearted sweetheart! Smooches has such a nice temperament she is very smart and playful, she is just a super nice dog. Smooches weighs about 75-80lbs and has a nice square build and a rich chocolate coat.

Meet Layla

Meet Layla, she is the mother of Mocha and Smooches. We love our Layla, she is such a nice laid back girl and has been such a wonderful mother! Layla is a english silver Labrador, she weighs about 75-80lbs and has a great build.