I would like to introduce you to Sugar babes newest member of the family, I have raised this boy from a 6 week old pup and he is a sweetheart. Brewtus is not even a year old and looks awesome already he is blocky and has the short otter like tail everyone asks me about! At nine months old he is around 80lbs and I am expecting him to be 100lbs or over fully grown.


Meet Samson (Retired)


Meet Samson, he is the man of the farm! Samson loves to play but most of the time he just wants to chill. Samson has sired quite a few litters of pups and they are always heathy and stocky pups. Samson is a square and stocky 90lbs with a rich chocolate coat, overall he is a super sound dog with a very well rounded personality. Samson has made a lot of family's happy with his pups!


Sugar Babe's Labradors


Sugar Babe's Labradors

Meet Boomer

Meet Boomer, he is a Full English AKC Labrador, he comes from excellent champion blood lines. Boomer is laid back and does very well with children. Boomer is not mine but he is owned by a family friend.